Get To Know Us

What We Do

We aim to create the world's first tokenized and decentralized platform that will connect consumers and retailers in ways never seen before.

Imagine hopping on your computer to shop online. While looking around, you notice other consumers want to buy the same item. You band together and negotiate directly with the factory to get the product discounted up to 80% off MSRP. You place the order quickly and securely, then your items are drop shipped to everyone in your group.


Is this Amazon’s next project? Not quite. 

Why Ecoinmerce?

Ecoinmerce will help both consumers and retailers.


Consumers can buy better products at better prices. Plus, they can get rewarded for sharing on social media, writing product reviews, and a whole lot more!


For retailers, stores will be 100% owned by you and the cost of business will be a fraction versus other popular E-commerce platforms. 


Additionally, retailers will be able to tokenize their store by launching Initial Coin Offerings directly on the Ecoinmerce platform. This will enable retailers to increase brand affinity, with loyal customers becoming early investors in their favorite projects. It will also deliver new revenue streams as retailers can sell their tokens alongside their products to maximize profit.

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