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ECoinmerce is a social E-commerce platform based on blockchain tokens. Users own digital assets including stores, product pages, brands and more, while using blockchain to determine ownership of digital assets on the platform.


Limited Token Supply,Unlimited User Growth

ECN, the ECoinmerce token, can be used by consumers to move through different tiers of membership. The better the membership, the higher the discounts they can receive – up to 80% off. 


Your Digital Content,Your Digital Assets

Online stores, product pages, photos, videos, reviews, and all other digital assets are 100% owned by the user or seller who made it. All ownership data is recorded on the blockchain, so users can build, buy, sell, and sublet their digital assets however they wish. 


Token Driven User Growth

Consumers share deals or products with friends, family, and social media followers to get paid ECN tokens. Users also get paid for leaving reviews or helping brands in other ways. This leads to increased brand affinity and incentives for ECoinmerce users to recruit new members to the platform.


An ICO Platform For E-Commerce

​Any retailer can tokenize their store by launching ICOs directly on ECoinmerce. This enables retailers to strengthen brand affinity as loyal customers become early investors in their favorite projects.

Decentralized, Tokenized
Social E-commerce on Blockchain
Ecoinmerce is an e-commerce platform owned by consumers, sellers, and influencers. The Ecoinmerce token is used to reward anybody who buys and sells products on the platform, or shares Ecoinmerce information on social media to get more users.
Token-holders are Ecoinmerce shareholders. Anyone who buys, sells, influences or helps create value for Ecoinmerce has a stake in the platform. Join us to create a better E-Commerce for each other.
Who is the platform for?
For Sellers
Your store is your digital asset. Your ownership is recorded on blockchain, and can be sold, transferred, or sublet as you wish. It’s your brand, and you have full control of it.
For Consumers
ECoinmerce allows users to buy as a group for higher discounts and auction goods to each other. It also features daily deals at huge discounts, and gives consumers tons of ways to save money.
For Influencers
Get paid with ECN tokens: ECoinmerce keeps paying you as long as a referred customer keep spending. We are the only platform paying influencers for referred customers' lifelong spending!
What is ECN Token?

Fixed supply, unlimited demand growth.

A fixed amount of1 billion ECN in total. Demand increases with as users, products and sales increase. 

Users hold of ECN as proof of membership. ECN can be used to pay for goods, assets, services, or to tip people who've helped you.

Easy to buy and sell ECN on Ecoinmerce or on exchanges

Team and Advisors

Angel Investor, early Bitcoin investor. Nicko involved in more than a dozen crypto startup investment in last few years. He is one of the pioneer in the industry in China. 

Angel investor, investor relationship management

Nicko Deng

Community managing expert, marketing guru and serial entrepreneur. Rob has years of experiences on product launching, growth hack, social media marketing. 

Community outreach Advisor

Rob Luce

Blair Layton is a passionate, enthusiastic and successful IT professional with nearly 20 years of experience in ANZ, EMEA and APAC. Managing employees and working with customers from different countries gives Blair an understanding of the diverse IT markets across the world.

system architect advisor

Blair Layton

Mark Mueller-Eberstein is one of the world’s leading experts on how businesses leverage technology trends, transform organizations and to drive a competitive advantage. He is an business leader, entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and teaches at Rutgers University’s Business School. He leads “The Innovation Economy Research Institute”, works with QIIR, APEC and delivers guest lectures at Universities.

Strategy advisor

Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Internationalore than 15 years of experience in international trade, real estate development, and  supply chain expert with Ecommerce. He graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Administration. Has extensive supply chain and supplier management experience.

VP of global sourcing

Lee Shing Wai

James is An experienced angel Investor, featured speaker @ MIT Media labs and blockchain strategy advisor.  James is An experienced ICO and blockchain advisor.He has angel invested in over 40 startups and initial coin offerings. He is also a contributor to Known Blockchain publications and has been featured in other well known financial publications.


James Sowers

Technology Public Relations and Marketing expert. Vast experience working with companies ranging from emerging startups to publicly-traded companies. He was named one of Business Insider's Best Tech PR Professionals and is passionate about telling stories and creating communities around innovative and emerging technology companies.


Luke Lappala

Serial entrepreneur, geek, product developer, marketer. Rex has more than 10 years of experience in Ecommerce, international trading, IoT, and investment.


Rex Chen

Full stack developer & IoTer. 15 years in software development. Extensive development experience including OLTP systems, online distributed database, embedded system, and blockchain.

Development Lead

Haimin Zhu

A thinker and a doer. 10 years in international trading, supply chain management, vendor relationship, product sourcing.

Vendor manager

Cici Q

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Road Map

July - 2017

Project concept development

Sep - 2017

Team formation and preparation

June - 2018

Demo platform publish

Nov - 2018

The Beta version of the ecommerce platform publish

August - 2017

Feasibility study

Jan - 2018

Project planning and ecosystem program planning

July - 2018

Token Pre-sale and ICO starts

Mar - 2019

Mainnet launching

The Nasdaq of E-commerce

Any store or brand can start an ICO on ECoinmerce to tokenize their store. Sell your coin as easy as you sell your product. 

Create additional brand affinity: your loyal customer is now invested in your company.

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