GZH Electric Toothbrush
Choose the best when you brush!
This sonic, electric toothbrush packs industry-leading oral health features, without the price tag to match! By partnering directly with manufacturers, GZH and ECoinmerce can offer the same high-quality design and functionality at a fraction of the cost. Get yours today! 
This sonic, electric toothbrush packs the same great features as popular name-brand products, without the price tag! The sleek, IPX7 waterproof brush features five cleaning modes: Clean, Refresh, Whiten, Gum Care, and Sensitive, so you can use the mode that best suits your needs. The handle also features a 30-second timer that pulses to signal it's time to move to a different part of your mouth. While brushing, the head oscillates at a frequency of 30,000 cycles per minute - that's more than 7 times faster than a manual toothbrush and up to 10 times more plaque removal! 
This package includes the toothbrush, USB charging cable, and 2 professional heads. Plus, the battery has 100 days of standby time and can be quickly charged with the included USB charger. 
Compared to popular electric toothbrushes like Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, you will save more than $250 over the course of 1 year with the GZH Electric toothbrush. Here's the breakdown:
GZH Electic Toothbrush
Toothbrush, 2 heads, and charging cable = $14.99 
6 replacement heads = $6.00
Total (brush, 8 heads, charging cable) =$20.99
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean
Toothbrush, 8 heads, charging case = $279.95 on Amazon
That's 92.5% less!
Price Transparency
Know what you're paying for with our complete rundown of the product costs: 
Total Cost: $13.57
Materials: $9.69
Labor: $2.11
Packaging: $1.02
Shipment: $0.75
Traditional Retail: $70
ECN price: $14.99
Extra shipping cost applies
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