Join The Crypto Community Watch!
If you're sick of scammers, hackers, and general bad actors in the cryptocurrency industry, help us clean up the space!
We've teamed up with other influential blockchain companies to create the world's first organized community watch program for cryptocurrency projects. If you have information on any past, present, or future illegal activities please use the anonymous tip line below to let us know. All information will be investigated by Crypto Community Watch members and sent to relevant law enforcement authorities as applicable. 
If the thought of stopping bad actors isn't enough of a reward, we have a 100 Bitcoin reward pool. You can view the wallet balance here. If your tip leads directly to the arrest or legal punishment of the wrongdoer, you will receive a portion of the reward pool.
Want To Help Us Investigate?
To promote transparency within the industry, all anonymous submissions to the tip form are publicly-available to read. Whether you're an investor with concerns, a professional cyber sleuth, or if you just want to help the community, you can view all submissions here
While looking into these tips, please remember to:
-Never put yourself in a dangerous situation, physically or digitally 
-Contact relevant law enforcement authorities if the tip is legitimate
-Do not brigade against anyone named in a tip - all companies or individuals are innocent until proven otherwise
Crypto Community Watch Members
The Crypto Community Watch program was created by an industry consortium. Members include: 
Leave Your Anonymous Tip
We urge other companies within the industry to create their own watchdog groups and encourage their communities to speak out against any crime or shady business practices that they may experience. It's up to us to clean up crypto's bad image!

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